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Parkour, Pain and Play

Pre production: doco

Short Synopsis:

By sticking to the main question of, “parkour, sport or stupidity?”,

the documentary, “Parkour, pain and play“, is a film to create a better understanding of the sport parkour. Using interviews and footage to display how it was made, the dangers of the sport and what comes out of the sport.


There is no interviewer just them answering questions.

Shuffle the interviewees same question answered one after the other by different people

Target audience:

our doco is aimed at youth interested in the extreme sport of parkour, Interested in how it was generated and how it can be taught.


Starts with fast shots and fast music, then fades into an explaination of parkour from one of the parkour instructors.

The interviews will be Chopped into questions and then footage, keeping the documentary interesting.

Have an interview of questions that cuts into footage but still has them on a voice over answering questions.

example Questions to ask:

How they got into it


What jobs they can get

Any injuries from it or do they know anyone that has

What’s the most dangerous thing they’ve done

What they get out of it

How many people do it

Bloopers or shots of them failing, interview of people saying how dangerous it is like doctors or council members and anyone against it and reasons for being against it such as the mayor of geelong


Smo, an instructor for au parkour association.

Paul Jane, manager of sports and rec, Geelong


urban areas eg: Melbourne


OHM Tribes – “Nice One – Extreme sports Documentary”


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